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Monday, 25 April 2011

Hello World..

The bandwagon has been rumbling around these parts recently and I have decided to jump on with both feet.... Everyone around me suddenly has a blog and that, combined with my ego telling me that the world has a right to my opinion and the fact that I have no friend on twitter has spurred me to start my own.

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My Friend Kathryn Ashcroft blogged recently that "blogging is terribly masturbatory" and I couldn't agree more, but I have never been able to resist a bit of self indulgence so I can't think of a more fitting pastime.

I'm Alex, I'm 29, I live by the seaside and work in sales. I am married to Elizabeth with two boys;  Roman 2 years and Jasper 10 weeks. Aside from my family I am most interested in my allotment, growing vegetables and (currently) 107 varieties of chilli. I am addicted to radio 4 and am currently working writing a script for an afternoon play.

I like cooking and eating (a bit too much) and am interested in music production, currently trying to learn to play the piano. I take sporadic interest in exercise, fishing, boxing, kayaking and mountain biking.

I am planning for this blog to become an eclectic mix of high brow features, thoughtful reviews of the arts, insightful political musings and witty economic debate......unfortunately I know myself a little too well so what you are actually going to get is random updates about things Roman has done that made me laugh, links to things the internet has done that made be laugh, gratuitous pictures of my allotment including graphic close ups of various chillies, posts that are subtle dig at my wife, very unsubtle make up posts extolling the virtues of my wife. I might even occasionally get worked up enough to have a proper rant about something. Oh and not forgetting the time where I am going to be convinced that I am going to 'get fit once and for all' and for a that short period I will be able to talk about nothing else and might even sound vaguely convincing when I try to kid myself that I actually enjoy undressed salad and tinned tuna, don't worry though it only lasts a couple of weeks before I get sucked back in to the sofa.

You know how crap, never gonna make it, musicians spend a lot of time talking about their 'influences' hoping to achieve some type of admiration by association? Well I'm going to do it now but with blogs. These are my influences: - My lovely wife, she has only been blogging a few weeks but has taken to it like a fish to bicycle - My boss, he decides my pay reviews so I have to be nice, but in all honestly his blog so far has been very good My friend, Kathryn has been doing this for ages, and somehow she manages to keep her blog nicely highbrow - it would be perfect if it just had a few more pictures of dogs on skateboards.

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