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Monday, 2 May 2011


A very heavily pregnant Elizabeth and I relocated to Dorset from London a couple of years ago. There are many things we miss (and even more that we don't) but chief among them is the variety of food. In our local supermarket the world food section is where they keep the pasta and seems to be carefully avoided by the locals. It's a far cry from our old life; Jamaican patties from street vendors in Greenwich, Korean food in Holborn, Ethiopian in Kentish Town and buying spices by the kg for about the same price you would pay for the little jars of stale and dusty Schwartz in the supermarket. But by far the biggest thing I miss is Sushi (vinegared rice) and fresh Sashimi (raw fish).

Semi regularily we do make our own at home, it's not really difficult as long as you keep your knives sharp and wet. We can't get sushi rice down here so I use Arborio which works just as well. There is a lot of fuss on the internet about buying Sashimi grade fish but I always just get whatever is on the fish counter in Morrisons and have never had any problems. I can't make it anywhere as near as neat and beautiful as a proper sushi chef  but it tastes great.

 The table above is from when @jenclone came to visit

Still there is nothing like having Sushi made for you, so when we planned a day trip to London at the weekend Sushi was top of my list. The only problem with Sushi is that it is expensive and I generally leave the restaurant worried about the cash I have just blown and still hungry.

The solution for me is all you can eat Sushi buffet.

We chose Hi Sushi because they do just that and went to their branch in Muswell Hill because it fitted nicely with our travel plans.

 I didn't much fancy trying to sit on the floor but luckily they have thought of that and brought the floor up to chair level.

First course, I can't remember exactly what is there other than obviously the salmon and the white fish is grey mullet
 I had never tried straight boiled soya beans before but actually they were lovely, Lizi let one get away from her and it landed under a chair at the bar

We went for some hot food next, tempura prawns, squid and sweet potato, some spring rolls, pork and chicken escalope.
 More Sushi, this time Lizi ordered and did really well apart from the salmon skin sushi, I just couldn't get my head round it - but that might of had something to do with the insane amounts of sushi I had already eaten. We cleared the plate apart from two salmon skin rolls that we just couldn't face.

At this point I was stuffed, I had really wanted to try the clam sashimi but it wasn't to be.\

 Fill up on Sushi = Mission Successful.

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  1. I've only had sushi/sashimi once. It was at Yo Sushi inside Edinburgh airport while we were waiting for the plane to be found under the snow. It was expensive but wonderful.

    All you can eat sounds like a great challenge. Sorry, I mean... Nah, challenge is right.