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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hotel fun

I stayed in a hotel last night, It reminded me of something that happened last time I was there that I thought was amusing enough to share......

It was about three years ago, My company had put me up there the night before an interview for the job I have now.

I arrived late, tired from a long drive, I still had just enough spark to attempt a little flirting as the receptionist checked me in. To get to my room I had to walk through the bar to the lift at the end. It was a fairly uncomfortable walk because the bar was full and for all I knew anyone in there could have been on the interview panel or perhaps other interviewees, obviously first impressions count so I made an effort to walk tall, to act calm and composed and give off waves of confidence as I made my way through.

When I got to my room, I immediately began hotel SOP, that is I took all my clothes off, save my pants (a particularily worn and crusty pair), set the bath running and grabbed the ice bucket.

The ice machine was in the corridor just opposite my door, the place seemed completely deserted so I thought I would run the risk and nip out as I was for some ice, I leant out, checked left and right and made my move to the machine, chucked a couple of scoops of ice into the bucket, checked the corridor again and darted back to the room.

I think I allowed myself a slightly thrilled smile as I reached my door having gotten away with my dirty dash.

I pushed the door didn't move.

I pushed harder...the door was stuck

I pushed even harder....desperately trying not to accept the unthinkable truth.....the door was locked, I had walked out, without the key and the door had clicked shut behind me.


You can imagine the rest for yourselves. With the bath still running I had to act fast, I had to walk, in just my pants, through the bar full of my future employeers, back to the reception, to the girl I had attempted to flirt with not five minutes before and ask for another key. Armed with only a grungy pair of pants and an ice bucket, I briefly considered putting the bucket on my head to hide my shame, in the end I took a deep breath and as the lift doors opened onto the crowded bar everyone fell silent and I made a second effort that night to walk tall, act calm and composed and give off waves of confidence.

I got the job.

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